Friday Favorites

Summer is now upon us and there are so many things that I want to make and bake and do! As always, I found some inspiration from Pinterest this week . Here are just a few of my favorites this Friday…

1. Favorite Craft

Learn how to make the adorable snowman “Olaf” from a sock!

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from} #olaf #frozenpartyideas

2. Favorite Dessert

Watermelon Slice Cookies– how perfect for summer?!

watermelon cookies

3. Favorite Picture

From Renee over at SweetRevelations! Please check out her blog- it is amazing!

4. Favorite Summer Treat

Homemade slushees? Yes, please! Maybe I can make these in my KitchenAid ice cream maker.

5. Favorite DIY Tutorial

Do-it-yourself Summer Tunic. I will definitely give this cute project a try!

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Have a unique baking/crafting idea? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to check it out.





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