{DIY} Lorax Flower Pots & Plunger Truffula Trees

Monday, March 2nd was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America Day! Lots of elementary and middle schools celebrate Read Across America Day and today’s post gives some excellent and inexpensive Seuss-inspired ideas for this occasion. Also, my school is doing a production of Seussical this weekend and there will be a cast party on Saturday. These decorations will definitely add a special touch to any party or classroom 🙂

The first Seuss decorations are these Lorax flower pots. You can put pens inside of the pots (like these from Oriental Trading) or books, treats, etc.

Lorax Pots

To make these, you will need:

  • A large flower pot
  • large googly eyes
  • yellow yarn
  • large orange pom-pom
  • Hot glue

Hot glue the googly eyes to the pot. Next, cut out two small pieces of yarn and hot glue them above the eyes for eyebrows. Next, using the yellow yarn, cut out lots of strands. Bunch up the yarn and using a smaller piece of yarn, tie the bundle in the center (this will be the mustache). Now hot glue the mustache to the flower pot.  Finally, glue the orange pom pom right above the mustache for the nose. And that’s it!


Inspired by the actual “Lorax”!

The next decorations are these adorable, cheap, free-standing Truffula Trees.

Truffula Trees 5

And you will not guess what they are made of… Plungers! Yes, dollar store plungers. This entire craft is very cheap but looks like it cost a lot of money.

Truffula Trees 3


You will need:

  • A plunger (from the dollar store)
  • yellow paint (Use a coupon to save money!)
  • Black electrical tape (SUPER cheap at Dollar Tree– $1 for a 2 pack. Works better than duct tape in this case.)
  • Tissue paper and string (or a Tissue Poms Kit like I used. It was from A.C. Moore and was on sale- Pack of 3 for $3)
  • Green crinkle stuffing (or green tissue paper, which is easier to do)
  • Hot glue and Elmer’s Glue

First, paint the plunger stick by using yellow paint. You don’t need that much paint, so a small bottle will do. I did 2 coats of an outdoor yellow paint. Once the paint dries, wrap the electrical tape around the stick (look at picture). Make the Truffula Tree top by making a tissue paper flower. If you have a kit, follow the directions on the kit. If not, use this video to make a flower using just tissue paper and string. Hot glue the Truffula top to the stick. Next, use Elmer’s glue to attach green crinkle stuffing to the rubber cup part. This is a little tricky to do, so using green tissue paper might be easier. Just be sure to cover up the rubber part so that it doesn’t get shown, and you are done!

Note: You can make the Truffula Trees any color you want! Bright colors such as yellow and pink look great.

Truffula Trees 2  Truffula trees

There you have it, two cute and creative decorations for a Seuss event! Let me know what your favorite decoration is- the Lorax pots or the Truffula Trees. I’m in love with the trees!

Happy crafting!


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